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Why everyone should take up hiking!

If you’ve never gone hiking before, you need to start. Hiking is an incredible way to experience the world – the natural way. Walking in the fresh air, taking in some wonderful scenery and creating unforgettable moments – who doesn’t want that?

If you’re still trying to figure out whether it’s for you, here are a few of the benefits.

It’s not the gym

If you like the gym, then this won’t apply to you. But for the vast amount of people that hate the idea of paying money for a gym membership to get sweaty with a bunch of strangers (kudos to everyone that can hack it!) – you don’t have to. You can get fit in a stunning area of your choice while pacing yourself and not feeling any pressure off the beefy personal trainers shouting in your face.

It melts away calories

Depending on where you’re hiking, how steep it is and the pace that you’re going, you can easily burn at least 500 in an hours session, and that’s if you’re really taking things slow and steady. Most hikes aren’t an hour though; they can go on for around seven hours! Make sure that you pack enough water and some snacks to keep you going. You don’t want to be skipping out on calories before a hike!

You’ll build that booty

Do we even need to mention the butt? Hiking targets your quads, hamstrings and gluteus maximums, so if you want that dream booty – you go it. It also works your upper body too, especially your core. It’s important to be dressed appropriately – you can’t hike up a mountain in jeans and a shirt. You also need the right equipment with you too. You can find out all the kind of gear you need at Hiking Gear Lab. Not only do they tell you what you need, but they give you advice and reviews on the best.

You’ll be on sensory overload

The views you will see will change your life forever. If you time it right, you’ll get to experience the breathtaking sunrises, and sunsets – the kind of things you only see in movies.

If you’re a nature lover, you can be amongst it all day. You’ll even get the opportunity to see wildlife that tends to hide away because hiking doesn’t leave a noisy impact on nature.

You accomplish something

Hiking isn’t easy. It really gives your body an overall workout and will most likely leave you exhausted. But that’s what makes the experience even better because you’ve accomplished something all on your own. You’ve not only had to push yourself physically but mentally too. And that in itself is a reward. Just think of standing up high on the peak of the mountain, knowing that you made it.

So what are you waiting for? Go and persuade your friends, pack a picnic, and have a long day out in the nature. You will benefit from it in more ways than one.

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2 thoughts on “Why everyone should take up hiking!”

  1. Hiking is not only considered as a physical exercise but also very good for mental health. It rejuvenates your mental and physical health together. Hiking is considered as a best exercise as you are walking through the mother nature leaving all the tensions of modern life. This article is a great motivation.

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