Why the Cyclades Islands should be on your travel radar!

Choosing where to visit in Greece can be a struggle, as there’s just so much to see and do. Should you opt to visit mainland Greece or could the country’s many islands be a better shout?

If it is a relaxing and authentic trip that you are after, a visit to one of the 18 Cyclades Islands could be the perfect option. Think rugged, sun-drenched beaches, azure seas, villages that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard, beautiful sandy beaches, a blossoming food scene, and some incredible nightlife. This island range has a lot to offer, that’s for sure.  

Have we managed to convince you that the Cyclades Islands are the perfect place for a summer break? If the idea of travelling to a Greek island has got you hooked, read on for a guide to the best of the Cyclades Islands.

Which island should you visit?

Church in Santorini

The most surprising thing about these islands is the variation between them – each island is different to the next. Love history? Visit Delos. Mad about hiking? Hit up Andros or Amorgos and explore their many hiking trails. Want a romantic break away? Look into booking one of many luxury Santorini villas. Need to escape reality? Give Donousa or Anafi a try. Each island is different, but the fantastic thing is you don’t just have to pick one – you can island hop to your heart’s content. A word to the wise, if you want a base island, a larger island like Mykonos or Santorini could be a good option.

Choosing where to stay…

Leda Resort in Chorto Greece

Like with any vacation, picking your accommodation is often the hardest part. Should you book to stay on one island and then go on day trips to the others? This can be a good plan, in theory, however, some of the islands are five or six-hour ferry ride from each other. With that in mind, perhaps the best way to get the most out of your trip is to spend a few days on one island, before moving on to another one. You can, of course, visit islands that are just a short ferry ride away, such as from Mykonos to Santorini, Paros, and Naxos, among other smaller islands. Back to your accommodation itself, it’s best to take your budget into account, as well as your specific travel needs. Do you want to be right in the centre of it all? If so, a hotel in the centre of a town or on the beach could be your best bet. On a budget? Then perhaps a hostel could be a better shout. Want your own space? Then a villa could work well.

What experiences shouldn’t you miss?

Zakynthos Beach Sea Greece

Each island is different, which means that the experiences you will have on each will differ. For example, Santorini is famous for its beautiful whitewashed villages and blue-roofed houses, its water-filled caldera, and its beautiful, rugged beaches. While Paros is renowned for its cosmopolitan feel, fantastic food, and gorgeous sandy beaches. Naxos, the largest of all the Cyclades Islands, has a lot to offer, from interesting sights and a lively metropolitan culture to green valleys and crystal clear waters. Then there’s Ios, the party island, known for its intense partying culture and incredible nightlife, as well as its beautiful scenery.

If you’re looking for a travel destination that offers a vast range of experiences, the Cyclades Islands could offer the perfect experience.

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