Bored of travelling? Here’s how to reignite that wanderlust

Seasoned travellers can often feel like they’ve seen all there is in the world. Perhaps you’ve visited every continent, explored some of the world’s most famous cities, and even done some daring activities that few people would even dream of. […]

A beginner’s guide to backpacking around South East Asia

South East Asia is one of the most beautiful, exciting and vibrant places in the world, with its natural waterfalls, glorious beaches, and fascinating wildlife, from monkeys to sea turtles. There is much to see and do, and it is […]

Why you shouldn’t moan about traveling near home

There’s a common idea amongst people that vacationing abroad is exotic, exciting, and enriching whilst exploring nearer to home is a little tame and dull. However, it’s all about perspective. If somebody from another country visited the nearest city or […]

Live local

Living like the locals

Travelling the World is all about immersing yourself in other cultures, for a lot of people. These people can’t spend their trips sat by the pool or soaking up the sun. Instead, they will want to see and do as […]

camping essentials

Stop! Don’t go camping without these must-haves

Think you’re ready to get out there and really enjoy nature? Well, think again. It always pays to double-check everything you’re taking with you, especially for an extended trip. Even if it’s only a short drive to deal with any […]

rickshaw travel

How to immerse yourself into local life while traveling

When you’re travelling around the world and plunging yourself into a country, populace and culture which are completely alien to you, it can be an exhilarating and anxious experience. But to get the best out of the trip, you can’t […]

How to plan your trip around Malaysia

If you’ve decided you’re going to visit Malaysia, make sure to plan your adventure properly. – Here’s how you can do that. Budget Before you plan your trip to Malaysia, it’s a good idea to make a budget. This way […]