flamingo at sacramento zoo

Sacramento: California’s overlooked jewel

Despite being the capital city of one of America’s wealthiest and most famous states, Sacramento is often tragically overlooked when it comes to travel shows and blogs that gloss right over this great city to get to more popular tourist […]

5 weird & wonderful reasons to visit Hong Kong in 2017

Speak to any seasoned traveler, and they’ll tell you that Hong Kong is the place to be. It’s a fantastic tourist destination with almost too much to offer. Not convinced it’s for you? Then check out these weird and wonderful […]


Palo Alto: the other great Californian destination

When you’re looking for hotbeds of tourism in the Californian sun, you would tend to look at Los Angeles or San Francisco, but another place to think about would be Palo Alto. Located between San Jose and San Francisco, it […]

Exploring the city of progress and prosperity

Cleveland Ohio, the bastion, and sanctuary of Rock and Roll in America. It’s evidently an American blue collar community that has been going through some brilliant evolutions during the recent decades. Now the city is rivaling its nearest competitor, in […]

where to travel this winter? Alaska

Play it cool – winter warmer destinations

Your vacation doesn’t have to be all adventure destinations and unbearable heat, it can be modest, simple, and cool. Not in the trendy sense, but in the temperature sense! As a vacation destination, it’s not always easy to pick somewhere […]

The wild ways are best near Phoenix, Arizona

When it comes to natural beauty, there are few places in the US quite like Arizona. The Copper State is famous, of course, for the Grand Canyon, but beyond that, a lot of people might make the incorrect assumption it’s […]