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For our third edition of ‘5 Questions with…’ we spoke to Marysia, she runs the very popular travel blog; My Travel Affairs. Following a trip to Asia in 2008, combining Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, she decided the daily grind wasn’t for her and started to travel the world.

Read on and find out what travel gives her that everyday life doesn’t and the steps she took to live a life of travel.

1.When did you decide to turn your life to travel?

It was a gradual decision really. First step was quitting my job in London back in 2007. Then again after my first big trip Thailand-Laos-Cambodia in the beginning of 2008.  Then in April 2008 when I went solo to Brazil and so on and so on. In the very beginning I didn’t know it would become my lifestyle. I just wanted to go places, explore other cultures.

  1. What is your best tip for someone wanting to pack in their 9-5 and turn their life to travel?

I think people who really want to turn their lives do not need advice, but some people need a little push on the start. So just book a ticket and leave, maybe it will come out that travel life is for you too!

  1. What does travel give you that everyday life doesn’t?

Good question! Constant change, opportunity to observe different cultures, religions, kitchens and landscapes, not through the TV screen.  But most importantly it gives me a sense of adventure; a sense of obtaining knowledge about the world. But everyday life has its great sides as well, just not forever, but in between my trips 🙂

  1. What do you wish you knew at the start of your travels that you know now?

I guess I would like to know the future world events as wars, systems changes, border changes. That would make me a better planner, I would have visited Syria before the war, which is one of my biggest regrets. I would go to Crimea when it is still Ukraine. You know the biggest mistake is to think we have unlimited time because maybe we have long personally, as we are in good shape, but life depends on many circumstances.

  1. How do you build a social life when in a foreign country?

It depends on the purpose of my visit, am I just travelling around for a month or coming with the intention to stay longer and come back over and over again.

If I’m just travelling it is super simple, people just talk to you, you talk to people and you make friends on the bus, train and hitchhike rides.  The other option is even easier, you know; so far I have lived in Poland, Spain, England, Israel and Romania. We all live very international lives these days. Everyone has friends from other countries for multiple reasons work, love, and travel. It always starts from one person and I’m a super bubbly and outgoing person so never really had too many problems 🙂



Marysia Macioch – crazy Polish Girl travelling the world for past 11 years, constantly on a lookout for a next adventure. Totally addicted to coffee and talking pictures. To learn more about her just click here.

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