couple hiking

Why everyone should take up hiking!

If you’ve never gone hiking before, you need to start. Hiking is an incredible way to experience the world – the natural way. Walking in the fresh air, taking in some wonderful scenery and creating unforgettable moments – who doesn’t […]

flamingo at sacramento zoo

Sacramento: California’s overlooked jewel

Despite being the capital city of one of America’s wealthiest and most famous states, Sacramento is often tragically overlooked when it comes to travel shows and blogs that gloss right over this great city to get to more popular tourist […]

The essential experiences to have whilst on holiday

We all love a good holiday: a break away from the usual routine, better weather, and international calls costing a fortune usually meaning work can’t reach you. But what should you look for in a vacation that will make it […]

summer staycation ideas

Summer staycation ideas

With holidays abroad costing extortionate amounts of money during the school holidays, more and more people are looking to stay in Britain for their annual getaways. Known as a “staycation”, vacations in the UK are becoming much more popular as […]

Why skiing is an amazing summer holiday

Normally, people flock in their droves to the beach for a summer holiday. After all, you have to make most of the sun while it lasts. But, what if a beach holiday or a vacation in the sun doesn’t float […]

Don’t turn vacation planning into a second job

Sometimes a vacation can feel so exhausting that you need another vacation to recover from everything; it’s not that you didn’t enjoy your time away, but the travel, planning, and subpar accommodations can sometimes sap you of all energy. However, […]

5 weird & wonderful reasons to visit Hong Kong in 2017

Speak to any seasoned traveler, and they’ll tell you that Hong Kong is the place to be. It’s a fantastic tourist destination with almost too much to offer. Not convinced it’s for you? Then check out these weird and wonderful […]


Palo Alto: the other great Californian destination

When you’re looking for hotbeds of tourism in the Californian sun, you would tend to look at Los Angeles or San Francisco, but another place to think about would be Palo Alto. Located between San Jose and San Francisco, it […]